Surprisingly Simple Kitchen Hacks You Have to Know!

Worried about oily puris?

Try refrigerating puris for 10-15 minutes before frying to ensure that they are not too greasy and rise well when put into the hot oil.

Caramelize onions in a jiffy!!

Add a pinch of salt to caramelize onion quickly.

Worried about mixer blades?

Sharpen your mixer blades by grinding some salt onto it.

Enhance the longevity of papads!

Place papad in an airtight container and store it in the fridge to extend its life.

Defrost at ease

Rub salt to the insides of the freezer to prevent ice formation.

Trick behind soft chapatis!!

Want to have some soft chapatis? Add some milk to the chapati/paratha dough while kneading. Also, cook chapatis on high flame to ensure they remain soft for long.

Odour free sink!!

Don’t throw away squeezed lime. Wipe the kitchen sink with the used lime to clean it and remove any odour.

Delicious Dosas!!

Grind a handful of shallots and add it to Dosa batter for tastier Dosas.

Slide off the peel in style!!

To peel off shallots easily, put it in boiling water for 5-10 minutes. The peel will slide off easily. 

Freshen up your slice of bread!!

Got a slightly stale loaf of bread? Just add some water over it and place it in the oven to make it fresh again.

Poach it up!! 

You’ll need a jar lid ring. Put it on a pan and crack an egg inside of it. Now it’s not going to spread all over the pan, just don’t forget to remove the ring.

Fix your bottles!!

Use binder clips to fixate your bottles horizontally in a fridge.

Tic-Tac your spices!

Use tic tac packs to store spices. They are convenient, small, and it’s easy to open and close them.

Chill your sugar syrup!

Make some sugar syrup and keep it handy, in the freezer. You can use this to make fruit shakes and cold coffee faster as otherwise dissolving sugar in something cold takes longer.

Stuffed Parathas!!

Use leftover veggies for paratha stuffing.

Seal your spills!!

It often happens that while cooking dal, it spills out of the cooker. To avoid that, add two drops of vegetable oil and see the magic!

Bake your chips!!

If you want to eat oil-free chips, simply place the potato slices in a microwave safe bowl, coat them with a few drops of oil and microwave for a minute. Your oil-free, crispy chips are ready.

Ice-cream made easy!!

When frozen and then mashed up, bananas create a perfect creamy ice cream base that you can mix with other fruit and various toppings to create a super-healthy home-made ice cream.

Prevent the potatoes from turning brown!!

Cover shredded or diced potatoes with cold water before cooking to prevent the spuds from turning that gross grayish/brown caused by the release of a starch that makes them oxidize.

Unleash the pomegranate seeds!!

Cut a shallow cone into the flower end of the pomegranate, then slice off the bottom of the fruit. Score the fruit along its natural ridges, and pry each section apart to reveal the seeds.

Instant buttermilk!!

To make buttermilk when there’s none of the real stuff in the fridge, add a tablespoon of vinegar or lemon juice to regular milk. The mixture won’t get as thick and creamy as buttermilk, but it will help create fluffy pancakes and quick breads just the same. 

Reload your trash!!

Save the rice, pizza toppings, and grilled chicken. Instead of tossing leftovers in the trash, repurpose them into other meals like casseroles and frittatas.

Renovate your wooden spoons!!

When wooden spoons don’t exactly look (or smell) like they used to, boil them in a pot of water and leave them lying in the sun to dry.

So. all you superwomen with supernatural skills churn up these easy kitchen hacks from our end and rejuvenate your kitchen expertise in style. For all your fruits and veggies don’t hesitate to reach us @farmfreshvadodara!

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